Do you make custom pieces?
Yes! We would love to work with you on a design if we are able. Please contact info@scarterdesigns.com and we'll get back to you with information and an estimate. 
Do you have an S. Carter Designs storefront?
We do not have a store front but you can find us in boutiques across the country. Reach out if you're looking for us in your area.
I want to host a trunk show, who should I speak to?
Please contact Morgan chick at sales@scarterdesigns.com
How do I care for my product?
Due to the hand finished nature of our products, some pieces are more delicate than others. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.
What types of diamonds do you use?
We use raw, natural sliced diamonds. Given the nature of the stones they are bound to have imperfections which adds to their unique appearance. No two diamonds are alike! 
Where do get your animal products?
All of our materials are naturally shed or a by-product. If you have a question about a particular item, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@scarterdesigns.com.